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Elizabeth Tinnan

Elizabeth Tinnan is a professional Horseback Archer with over 100 clinics taught across the United States.

Elizabeth passionately spreads the sport of Mounted Archery throughout the United States by teaching clinics and helping to start new clubs. She has the ability to engage students at every level, helping them improve both their horsemanship & their archery technique. Her enthusiasm is contagious, reviews of her clinics are excellent and her students are hooked!

Her specialties include:
*The ability to communicate with and adapt to each student’s learning style and needs.
*Horse training and desensitization with over 10 years of experience prior to her involvement with mounted archery. She acknowledges that every horse is as individual as its rider and has different techniques for introducing and training your horse to accept the bow and become a willing mounted archery partner.

You will learn not only to HAVE FUN but to approach the sport with incremental goals and a sense of adventure. Elizabeth instills a strong foundation and confidence in her students that serve them for years. Whether your goal is recreational or competitive she will break down the sport in steps you can manage, remember & practice on your own. She has a passion for helping others succeed, so you and your horse are in good hands.

Elizabeth has continued to grow her resume by competing in national competitions across the United states as well as representing the United States at the 2018 World Horseback Archery Federation Championships in South Korea. The following is a list of Competitions attended and Awards Elizabeth has earned:

*WHAF World Championships South Korea-Competitor on United States Cultural Heritage Team
*Michigan Open-Grand Champion
1st Place Advanced Division
*Chattahoochee Open-3rd Place Overall
*Indiana Open-Grand Champion
1st Place Advanced Division
*Alabama Open-Reserve Champion
1st Place Advanced Division
*Georgia Open-3rd Place Overall
1st Place Advanced Division
*Texas Open-3rd Place Advanced Division
Horseback Field Archery Championship-3rd Place Overall
*Georgia Open-3rd Place Open Division
*Texas Open

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Special Events Coordinator

Hope Bozec

Hope is relatively new to the sport, having attended her first mounted archery clinic in April 2016. That didn’t stop her from taking home FIRST place in the Intermediate Division at the 2016 Georgia Horseback Archery Competition, just over 6 months later. Her “help anyway I can” attitude has been invaluable to moving the club forward with its goals. She has taken over the role of scheduling and managing our clinic schedule in North Georgia. Hope is an unmatched asset to our club and the growth of mounted archery in our region of the Untied States.


Newsletter Coordinator: Andrea Macgregor-King


Membership Coordinator: Brenda Randell


Points System Coordinator: Janeine Rose Charpiat


Marketing Coordinator: Kimi Gregg

Kimi is new to the sport having taken her first lesson at a clinic with Elizabeth Tinnan in Dec of 2017 and then having several set backs keeping her from enjoying all the mounted archery fun! She is now back on track and eager to get moving both at practices and competitions.


Practice Coordinator: Trish Morgart


Practice Leaders:

  • Lewisburg, Tn: Anna Vaughn

  • Cartersville, Ga: Grant Garlinghouse

  • Dallas, Ga: Brenda Randle

  • Bloomingdale, Ga: Brandy Cleary

  • Jefferson, Ga: James King and Hope

  • Cumming, Ga: Maddy J Rayflo and Hope