Clinics and Lessons

We are dedicated to offering you an experience you will never forget. We believe that through providing proper education and instruction, we can develop the sport in our region to its fullest potential. Safety is our number one priority, followed by flat out FUN. If you are interested in trying something new and extraordinary, we can help with that! We provide all equipment. You can use your horse or one of ours!

Private Lessons

There are several options for you to schedule a private lesson. We have lesson horses available at LauraLeigh Farms in Dallas, GA. Want to learn on your own horse? No problem! You are welcome to trailer in to either of these locations or Elizabeth may be able to come to you!

13903215_278981859129482_8021427804894211254_nIntro to Mounted Archery Clinic

An Intro to Mounted Archery Clinic is an 8 hour clinic focused on range safety, learning to shoot a horse bow with proper form, loading and blind nocking your arrow, shooting on the move, desensitization of your horse and shooting while mounted. We work on an individual level of progress for both horse and rider.



Fast Track Clinic

A Fast Track to Mounted Archery clinic is a 4 hour CONDENSED version of the Intro Clinic with special focus on Learning proper form, becoming comfortable with the bow and desensitizing horses.





 Repeat Offenders Clinic

A Repeat Offenders Clinic is a clinic focused on the “What next” after you have attended an Intro or Fast Track Clinic, have been taking private lessons, or can already shoot from your horse and have received approval to attend. You must be shooting comfortably from your horse. These clinics cover a variety of subjects including, but not limited to: Different draws, using different styles of quivers, barrier courses, field archery courses, training your horse for field archery, and preparation for competition. Each clinic is different and based on the needs of the participants and horses present.


Elizabeth’s clinic schedule!

Contact us if you are interested in attending any of these events. Elizabeth’s remaining available dates are becoming few and far between, so sign up or book your clinic before they are FULL

Your spot will NOT be reserved until receipt of payment and registration.

AL, CO, GA, IN, KY, MS, MT, NC, NE, OK, TN, TX and VA
Check out Chattahoochee Horse Archers, Inc Facebook events to sign up. PLEASE SHARE!

*March 16 Fast Track -Albertville

*May 25 Intro -Byers
*May 26 Repeat Offenders -Byers

*November 2 Intro- Dahlonga
*November 3 Repeat Offenders-Dahlonega

*April 6 Intro-Oakland City
*April 7 Repeat Offenders Oakland City

*August 3 Intro -Burkesville
*August 4 Repeat Offenders -Burkesville

*May 18-19 Extended Intro- Gloster

*June 21 Fast Track- Livingston
*June 22 Repeat Offenders -Livingston
*June 23 Repeat Offenders -Livingst

*March 27 Fast Track -Norwood
*March 28 Repeat Offenders -Norwood

*July 13 Intro- Bennington
*June 14 Repeat Offenders -Bennington

*Septmber 28 Intro- Tulsa
*September 29 Repeat Offenders- Tulsa


*June 8-9 Exended Intro- Fort Worth
*October 19-20 Exended Intro- Fort Worth

*April 13 Intro -Suffolk
*April 14 Repeat Offenders- Suffolk
Please contact me at or on Facebook to sign up.

****Intro=8 hour beginner clinic.
No experience necessary. Equipment provided. Learn range safety, about the horse bow and arrows, how to shoot a horse bow, horse desensitization and shooting while mounted.
****Fast Track=4 hour condensed version of Intro
****Repeat Offenders=Take it to the next level after completing an Intro or Fast Track. Learn about and train on the Sport Track for ranking and competition and/or field archery, horsemanship for mounted archery.

–clinics vary based on the needs of the participants and their horses.

If you are interested in scheduling lessons, attending a clinic or hosting a clinic at your facility, please contact our President and Instructor, Elizabeth Tinnan.

Call or text 678-767-7809