Getting Started

Getting Started

How do you keep the momentum now that you’ve taken a clinic? Here are a few places to start:

Bows for sale

Check out Chain Reactions Archery on Facebook, they have:

    • Bows for beginners for approx. $175
    • Bows that will take you into competition for approx. $250
    • Bows for the super enthusiast for $450+

Some sporting goods carry recurve bows, but consider the following:

Will you be competing in the future?

If yes, then make sure to get an actual horse bow, like a Korean or Scythian style, to take you to that level.

Will you be shooting both left & right handed?

If yes, then make sure you don’t get a bow with a shelf.


Arrows for sale

You will want feather-fletched arrows, but most sporting goods stores don’t carry them (they carry plastic fletched that will tear up your bow & your hand if used.)

  • Find your local archery/firearms store. If you live in the Gainesville area, check out Foxhole Guns & Archery where you can get 3-feather for $8/arrow or they can make you 4-feather (preferred for mounted archery) for $11/arrow.
  • Teresa Rogers, with Chain Reactions Archery, custom makes these 4-feather fletched arrows, starting at $13/arrow.

Also, check out Trey Slighting’s video on Facebook on how to prepare your nocks for Mounted Archery.


Practice at home

First and foremost, always remember to desensitize your horse. You may need to go back to basics from the ground:

  • Showing them a single arrow
  • Rubbing them with a single arrow
  • Showing them multiple arrows (clanging them around together)
  • Rubbing them with multiple arrows
  • Showing them the bow
  • Rubbing them with the bow
  • Clanging an arrow on the bow
  • Shooting from the ground

Once you have calm acceptance of all of the above, you can do these same desensitizing exercises from the saddle.

Reinless riding is paramount to your success as a horse archer. Teaching your horse to ride off your seat and legs can be a daunting task, but it is within reach! Xarchery Guy has some great insight on Horseback Archery and reinless riding on his websites so be sure to check them out!

Get yourself some targets… and since you’re just starting off, sporting goods store-bought will work fine. Then try these basic courses:


Korean Single Shot

Standard course is 90 meter long track, with one target centered on the course for a side shot, set back 7 meters from the track.

Image source

Korean Double Shot

Standard course is 90 meter long track, with two targets, angled for one front shot and one back shot, set back 7 meters from the track.

Image source

Korean Triple Shot

Standard course is 90 meter long track, with three targets, spaced at 30 meters apart for three side shots, set back 7 meters from the track. This track has a 14 second par time.

Image source

Check out for additional courses used in competition and for practice.